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Wall Tile

Wall tile is a natural choice in bathrooms and kitchens, but don’t let your imagination stop there. Easy to clean and durable, tile is a beautiful choice for spaces throughout the home. Advances in tile technology mean that there are more unique options for accent walls, like 3-D, textured and reflective tiles, than ever.

White marble wall with hanging robe.

Wall tile is a natural choice in bathrooms and kitchens, but don’t let your imagination stop there. Easy to clean and durable, tile is a beautiful choice for spaces throughout the home. Advances in tile technology mean that there are more unique options for accent walls, like 3-D, textured and reflective tiles, than ever.

White marble wall with hanging robe.

Express Your Personality with Wall Tiles

The walls of your home are a blank canvas; turn yours into a masterpiece with decorative wall tiles. Because these surfaces don’t need to hold up to foot traffic, and heavy objects don’t fall on walls the way they might be dropped on floors, choosing wall tile is all about individual style. You’re only limited by your imagination, and the “best wall tile” is whatever you like best.

Of course, having more options means having more choices to narrow down, but that’s where we come in!  Here are a few materials our customers love:

Versatile and Durable Ceramic

With our large selection ofceramic wall tiles, The Tile Shop makes it easy to find virtually any style you’re looking for. Whether you love the classic shape of subway tile, a perfectly imperfect handmade look, or the most realistic faux wood or marble, ceramic tiles offer an unbeatable combination of practical features and thoughtful design.

Durable and versatile ceramic tile can be used to create virtually any look. The raised branch and leaf pattern of the Tremezzo Branco ceramic wall tile creates an elegant dimension.

An accent wall tile creates a strong textural and visual contrast between the deep, rich black and pure, light white. Stacked lay out.

A bold pattern and texture makes for an interesting accent wall like the one shown here created with the Stencil Light AC ceramic wall tile.

White and cream handmade-look subway tile wall with white table and plants.

The Splendours Cream and the Splendours White handmade-look subway tiles create an artisanal feel to this neutral palette.

Natural and Authentic Stone

No two pieces of natural stone are alike, so when you choose stone tile, by definition your space is truly one of a kind. With so many options for stone wall tiles—including marble, travertine, limestone and granite—you you’ll never go wrong with natural stone. 

Every marble tile is unique lending it an air of elegance and sophistication. The Calacata Evora honed marble tile shown here elevates this kitchen backsplash.

Sculptural limestone fireplace detail of mantle.

The Legno Geometric Limestone Mosaic tile creates character with its architectural style.

Tiled area with floating vanity walls and vanity top and base board are done in Ashford Carrara marble in Grays whites and black brick pattern in a horizontal layout is used in back splash area striped with gold transition piece to add detail and correspond with knobs on cabinet doors floor is tiled in a dark faux wood porcelain tile in a staggered pattern area has gold tone lighting and fixtures.

The vivid grey and silver veining of the Ashford Carrara polished marble tile creates movement and a luxurious feel.

Luxe and Lustrous Glass

From sophisticated neutrals to vibrant, bold colors, glass wall tiles will reflect your personality and add shine and interest to your walls. Glass tile is available in a myriad of styles including stunning mosaics and chic subway—and is easy to clean, to boot. 

Sink with hand soap and small plant. White wall sconces and mirror on a green tile wall

Glass tiles come in an array of eye-catching colors like the Glass Khaki Green Subway tile.

This Amalfi mosaic combines the modern sheen of glass and the appearance of a weathered wood into one stunning tile. Featuring rectangular pieces of glass on top of a wood-grain pattern, this tile adds classic design and easy-care properties to backsplash as and upper accent.  Long subway tile below in white divided by a marble trim piece.

The Glass Barnwood Amalfi wall tile adds shine and the appearance of weathered wood.

Reflective mirrored glass mosaic wall tile above a bar with a lamp and ice-bucket.

The reflective quality of glass can create depth in your space. Shown here: the Antique Mirror Bevel glass mosaic.

Detailed and Dimensional Mosaic

Add visual interest to any wall with beautiful mosaic wall tiles. Available in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colors, finishes and materials, mosaics’ mix of color, shape and texture will make your wall a masterpiece. 

White and black mixed stone mosaic kitchen backsplash with floating shelves, white counter top and grey cabinets.

Unique shapes create interest and movement like the Skyline Vintage Patina Mix Stone mosaic wall tile.

Bathroom wainscoting with multi finished mosaic on top and pillowed natural marble on bottom divided with double profiles in neutral tones

The Annie Selke Tulip Mosaic Stone and Porcelain tile combines materials to create a beautiful floral mosaic.

For more great ideas for customizing your space, and to see these materials in person, visit one of our showrooms

Ask the Tile Experts

  • Wall tile can be the same as the tile you would use on your floor but with one added bonus—texture! 3-D tiles that you could not walk on can be used to add texture and depth, making the walls of your home the perfect place to experiment.

  • As with all home remodeling projects, the cost greatly depends on the materials. A tile wall is more of an investment than paint or wallpaper, but the installation and style will last for many more years. You should also consider the different benefits of wall tile. It adds color, texture and a sense of space to a room, not to mention that you can even create works of art out of tile, which is a great budget option instead of tiling an entire wall.

  • There really is no standard size for wall tiles. They range from small tiles and mosaics, made up of even smaller tiles, to large-format tiles, which means at least one side of the tile is over 16” long. The size is up to you and what looks best in your space. If you don’t know where to start, make a design consultation appointment, and stop into The Tile Shop to get some expert advice.

  • Porcelain tile is the most durable. But since your walls are not going to experience nearly as much wear and tear as your floors, any wall tile will last a long time. This is a great place to display specialty and unique tiles.

    • Squares
    • Rectangles
    • Planks
    • Natural Pebbles and Stones
    • Cobblestone Look
    • Hexagon Mosaics
    • Woven-Look Mosaics
    • Diamond Mosaics
    • Chevron Mosaics
    • Herringbone Mosaics
    • Hexagons
    • Arabesques
    • Barringtons
    • And more!

  • You can definitely feel free to mix and match tiles, patterns and materials in each location of your home and even in each room. Floor tile and wall tile don’t have to match and neither does your backsplash tile. It’s much more about coordinating than matching.

  • You can achieve different looks by tiling a full wall versus part of it. You can put different tiles on the top and bottom of the wall or create your own mosaic-style design with different colors and styles of tile in the same shape. This is where tile blurs the lines with art (and where it gets fun).

  • As long as it is approved for wall use, you can choose any size tile you want. Keep the size of the space you are tiling in mind. A large-format wall tile may not look as good in a tiny bathroom as it would in a large living area.

  • Not all wall tile is approved for floor or shower use, so check with a store associate before you use wall tile anywhere else. If the tile you like is not approved for floor or shower use, a store associate can point you in the direction of a similar or coordinating tile that is safe to use in those areas.

  • Cleaning your wall tile is easy with the right products. We recommend cleaning both man-made and stone tile with either our Grout and Tile Neutral Cleaner and Antibacterial Cleaner. This cleaner is non-acidic, antibacterial and safe for use on all tiles.

  • The first step to keeping your grout clean is sealing it after it is installed. This will help ease the maintenance and keep the new look of the grout. Should it become dirty, use our Grout and Tile Neutral Cleaner and Antibacterial Cleaner to get your grout back to looking new.

  • No, wall tile should always be grouted to avoid chipping and cracking when tiles rub together.

  • If you are using natural stone, we recommend that you seal it unless it is specifically noted that it does not need to be sealed. Most ceramic and porcelain tiles do not need to be sealed. We recommend sealing all of your grout to keep it clean and make regular maintenance easier. If you are unsure if any of your tiles or grout need to be sealed, stop in at The Tile Shop and a store associate will be happy to help.

  • We never recommend installing tile over drywall, paneling or wallpaper. Always start with as clean a wall as possible.