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Tile adds distinct beauty and functionality to any room of the home. Whether reaping the benefits of your tile’s durability or creating a work of art on your floors or walls, the appeal of tile is multifaceted.

Elegant and glamorous bathroom with white marble and gold accents.


Floors, walls, backsplashes, showers, fireplaces and more—for every project, there’s a perfect tile. Discover the different shapes, sizes and styles that make your house a home.

Industrial style lounge area with red brick wall and concrete-look tile floor.


The material you choose for your project is just as important as its appearance. Choose from durable porcelain, stunning ceramic, timeless marble and more to make sure your installation achieves all your design goals.

Variety of warm brown and grey slate tiles and finishing pieces.


Choosing the perfect tile is an important part of defining your style. The Tile Shop has thousands of products to help you make sure your home expresses your true vision.

Traditional bathroom with green marble arabesque wall tile and basketweave floor tile.


The array of colors available in tile has never been wider. Choose from classic and neutral to bold and bright hues and everything in between to create a unique style and design.

Full spectrum of colorful subway tile.


Our collections include our tile families that have matching trims and finishing pieces, making it easy to fully coordinate a room from top to bottom, as well as our designer collaborations.

Black Marquina marble tile in various shapes and sizes with chrome faucet,  calla lily, and perfume bottle.


Discover unique, one-of-a-kind tiles here. Design your space using one series or play with mixing and matching between different ones.

Black and white star encaustic floor tile.


Imagine the possibilities of using unique shapes that define geometric interest and take your tile design to the next level. Discover hexagons, penny rounds, arabesques, subway, large-format tiles and more.

Bathroom with white and grey marble hexagon tile on floor.

New Tile Arrivals

Discover our newest and freshest styles. From expanded lines of the classics you know and love to trending products created with the latest tile technology, if it’s new, it’s here.


What tiles are we talking about right now? Explore some of our recent favorites for design inspiration.

Black and White Marble tile in geometric shapes.

View All Tile

Express yourself through tile. Shop with filters to narrow down your search or visit our design ideas page for inspiration.

Variety of stone tiles in different shapes, sizes and colors.

High Quality Tile with Expert Service and Professional Advice

Tile’s combination of durability and style makes it a wise choice for wall and floor installation in your home. The Tile Shop offers a range of long-lasting materials, interesting patterns, unique shapes and vivid colors that will enhance the appearance of any room. From modern to rustic and colorful to contemporary, there is a tile solution that can accentuate any decor. Stop into your nearest The Tile Shop to see the latest designs for yourself. Our expert store associates can walk you through the process of selecting the perfect tile for your project.

Ask The Tile Experts

  • Tile is a piece of hard material used to cover floors, walls and other surfaces.

  • The Tile Shop has a large variety of tile material options, each with different properties and styles available.

    • Marble: a high-end, natural stone tile that comes in almost every color and many finishes
    • Encaustic Cement: usually boldly decorated, these tiles replicate old-world styles and geometric patterns with modern colors
    • Wood Look: made of ceramic or porcelain, wood-look tiles are very popular for their appearance and durability
    • Porcelain: this dense and most durable tile is made from heating refined clay
    • Glass: very durable and easy to clean, glass is available in a variety of stylish patterns and colors
    • Travertine/Limestone: a type of limestone, travertine has unique patterns depending on the minerals present when it was formed
    • Ceramic: a man-made, clay-and-mineral tile, ceramic comes in a large selection of shapes and styles
    • Pebbles & Stone: channel the outdoors with the natural beauty and individuality of pebbles
    • Slate: this richly colored rock tile can be used both indoors and outdoors
    • Quartzite: suited to both commercial and business uses, quartzite is a rock that comes in different colors and textures
    • Other: mosaics made up of combinations of materials are also available
  • The best tile is a personal preference based on how much maintenance you want to do, where it’s being used and which style you prefer. To learn more about each type of tile material, explore our website or stop into a store near you to learn more.

  • Given the right care, all tiles are durable. Porcelain tile is the most durable material because it contains more refined clay heated to a higher temperature, creating a very dense tile. We offer a variety of porcelain tiles that will work for your walls and floors.

    • Modern
    • Contemporary
    • Traditional
    • Farmhouse
    • Classic
    • Rustic
    • Vintage
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • Many more

    • White
    • Grey
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Green
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Cream
    • Beige
    • Many more

  • Applying grout fills the voids and makes your floors and walls stronger by bonding the tiles together, preventing them from chips, cracks and water damage and allowing for the expansion and contraction of your floor, wall or ceiling without damaging the tile. Premium quality grout also helps prevent stains, giving your tiling project a long-lasting, professional finish.

  • Take the guesswork out of your tile installation by purchasing some spacers from The Tile Shop. Typically, grout spaces will vary from 1/16” to 1/8” to 1/4”. If you’re not sure what spacing to use, 1/8” is a safe bet. Ask your expert store associates at The Tile Shop which size will work best for your installation.

  • While some tile material is waterproof, most will need to be treated with a protective tile sealer. Glass tile is waterproof, but most other types have an amount of porousness that makes them vulnerable to water. Check with a sales associate to confirm if your specific tile can get wet. The Tile Shop offers sealers for ceramic and porcelain and natural stone tile.

  • Yes, tile is a great flooring option for households with pets because it’s easy to clean and water and stain resistant when sealed. More durable materials, like porcelain and ceramic, are usually a better choice over natural stone, but it depends where you plan on using the tile.

  • We always recommend starting with a blank slate. However, if your existing tile is in pretty good condition, it is possible to tile over it. Make sure there are no cracks, the tiles are evenly placed and there are no moisture issues before starting the installation process. If the existing tile has issues, it’s better to start from scratch.

  • Make sure you choose a non-acidic, antibacterial cleaner for both man-made and stone tiles. The Tile Shop offers ceramic and porcelain and natural stone cleaners. The first step to keeping your grout clean is sealing it after it is installed. This will help ease the maintenance and keep the new look of the grout. Regularly maintain your grout’s appearance by using Grout and Tile Neutral Cleaner and Antibacterial Cleaner from Superior Adhesives & Chemicals—available at The Tile Shop.

  • There really is no standard size for wall and floor tiles. They range from small tiles and mosaics, made up of even smaller tiles, to large-format tiles, which means at least one side of the tile is over 16” long. The size is up to you and what looks best in your space. If you don’t know where to start, make a design consultation appointment, and stop into The Tile Shop to get some expert advice.

  • The selection of materials, difference in room sizes and other options available for tile mean that costs vary widely from project to project. While it will sometimes be a larger initial cost, a tile floor lasts longer and wears better than many other flooring types, like carpet or wood, which means it’s a better long-term investment. Tile floors also have a high resale value which is important to consider if there’s a chance you’ll be moving in the future. The best way to estimate the cost of your project is to schedule a design consultation with an in-store associate who will guide you along the process. Whatever your project goals are, The Tile Shop has a way to achieve them.

  • It varies. The quality of the tile you choose is the most important factor in determining how much your project will cost. You never know what you might encounter when you are preparing your floor to tile. If you need a recommendation, The Tile Shop has contractor lists in our stores that we are happy to share with you. We do recommend you get at least three estimates and always go with the person you feel most comfortable with.